May 19, 2020

8 Crowdfunding Resources for Podcasters

8 Crowdfunding Resources for Podcasters

From Kickstarter to Patreon

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Today we look at crowdfunding resources to get you started, and those sites that are more for ongoing membership sites.


Kickstarteris an all or nothing platform, which means that you don’t get your funds unless you complete your campaign. The fee is 5% plus processing fees.


Like many others, Indiegogocharges a 5% fee plus processing. You do not need to meet your goal to get paid. The minimum is $500


Causesis the largest online campaigning platform focused on social, political, and cultural issues.As it runs ads, Causes is free of charge for users. It’s not exclusive to registered nonprofits—individuals can also access and raise money on the platform for programs and ideas that they care about. 


Gofundmecollects a 2.9-percent processing fee and 30 cents for every donation. As it’s not an all or nothing fundraising site, you keep everything that you raise. Plus, there are zero personal campaign funding fees for those based in the United States. Only one in ten campaigns ever get fully funded on the site. 


Patreonis very popular among podcasters. If you just use them as a payment processor they take 5%. If you want to have different levels they take 12% (plus processing fees). You can upload audio right into Patreonand people can consume it via private RSS feed and in their app. can be used for free to accept payments (minus the processing fees). If you want bonus content it is .55 per user. This seems small, but if someone gives you $5 that is more than 10%. Glow is a better choice than Patreonwhen a supporter is giving you more than $12/month.

Buy Me a Coffee

Buy me a coffee is focused on making a great experience for the end user. They charge 5% plus processing fees. You can have different levels. It is similar to Patreonbut with less fees.


Ko-Fihas a very similar look to Buy Me a Coffee. Their model is different. They allow you to use them as a processor (for free minus the processing fees) but instead of taking a percent they charge a $6/month fee. If you are making more than $75/month on Patreon it makes sense to consider moving to Ko-fi as you pay more in fees at this point.

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