July 14, 2021

Grow your Podcast With QR Codes

Grow your Podcast With QR Codes
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My Podcast Reviews
I first talked about My Podcast Reviews back in episode 3. While this tool is amazing for getting all of your reviews in one place from ALL of the countries, it also has a tool to make it easy to share your podcast.  For example, if you go to
https://followthepodcast.com/sop that will take you to a screen where you can subscribe to the School of Podcasting show based on the apps on your device. Instead of trying to get people to subscribe/follow on a specific app, let them follow/subscribe to your show on whatever app they are already using.

FREE QR Code Tool in Google Chrome
I noticed in the address bar of Google chrome you now have the ability to make a QR code for whatever website you are currently looking at. So I put these two together. I put my smart link into Google Chrome and got a QR code for my smart link.

Keep Your Branding With Canva
I added one more little bit of icing and put my logo over the default dinosaur in the graphic.

I've seen QR codes on the back of a car using sticker from a business like Sticker Mule. Sitting behind them at a stoplight I wasn't sure it would work, but it did.

Video of Me Demonstrating This technique

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Thanks in advance for sharing the show with someone who needs it.

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