Feb. 24, 2021

Circle: The Modern Community Platform For Creators

Circle: The Modern Community Platform For Creators
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While there are other platforms that try to be everything to everybody (kajabi) one of those items is going to be "not so great." When I looked at a Kajabi demo, their community tool looked like a forum from 1995.

Circledoes one thing (Creating a Modern Community) and it does it so well. It has been around about a year and is gaining lots of steam as it is listening to its users and giving them what they want.

What they do is it integrates into the platform you already have.  For example, if you have a course you can paste a snippet of code into your course for people to ask questions and comment. That will appear in the course, AND it will be in the community area.

Some homework:
1. Google the phrase "Facebook lawsuits."
2. Go into Facebook and see how many groups you've sign up for and never returned.

While you may have fewer members in Circle, the people who are there WANT To be there. You get a smaller, more engaged, community. With their integration tools (and in some cases single sign-on) it can be seamless.

If you're looking to build a community, this is THE tool.

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