Nov. 17, 2021

Cleanvoice Helps You Remove Ums and Other Noises

Cleanvoice Helps You Remove Ums and Other Noises

Cleanvoice is a service where you upload you audio and they remove

Mouth click and noises
Empty space

You can have it to di automatically or you can let the software find it and you decide to delete or keep

Pricing starts around $10 they do have a 30-minute trial

Find out more at

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We've all had that guest and it takes forever. To pull that stuff out. I know a lot of people, I'm just gonna keep it real and keep it in there. Well, that's keeping it real boring. And you're real lazy. And today I've got a solution for you. 
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Hey, I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And as I mentioned at the intro, we all love those guests that can't seem to get any words to come out of their mouths in some sort of coherent fashion without sounding like an idiot. And it's our goal to make our guests sound great. So we go in and we cut out all those half sentences and all the arms in your nose. And I am a big fan of all phonic that is already out at podcasting resources calm, but if I'm a new one, and this one is called Clean voice, and I'm going to play you a before and after. 

So this is the before Clean voice removing filler sounds and mouth sounds is very time-consuming.

Alright, so that's the before clip. Here is what it sounds like after running it through Clean voice. 

So this is the after if you will,

removing filler sounds and mouth sounds is very time consuming.

So you can see where they took out all those obvious ones they don't I'll be interested to see to try this and you can try this. It is multilingual which is kind of interesting. And removes mouse sounds like lip smacking and stuttering and things like that. And will also remove dead air. 

Now if you're worried about having a robot try to do on your show you can go in and let it help you and help find the things and then you can decide to use it or not. And you can actually use 30 minutes for free so if you have a 30 minute episode you can upload that the pricing is 10 Now it's it's in euros, 10 euros for 10 hours so it's basically an hour for $1 And then there's an editor where you get 30 credit hours for 25 euros which is around probably 26-27 bucks and then get 100 hour credits for 80 euros and of course realize that the dollar fluctuates so whenever you hear this it might be different but you can go out to the website, and i said earlier I mentioned all phonic this really isn't a competitor to off on all phonic levels out your volumes, it removes hiss and things like that it doesn't really move words, what it would be a competitor to is something like descript which can go through and edit out your arms and your nose. It does what it does, it also transcripts and the big whoop dee doo about descript is you go in and edit the actual words on a page and it removes them from the audio. And they do have a free plan. That's three hours of transcription. The Creator plan is $15 a month. It's interesting. And I'll probably do a deeper dive into the script. That's one of those programs I've purchased. And I haven't used it to the best of its ability because well who wants to read the manual or watch the training video but those are two tools that you can use to clean up the arms and your nose. And if you want something super simple, you can just check out Clean voice because it doesn't do transcripts and all that other stuff. It's kind of a little simpler in a way and you can check it out