July 28, 2021

Great Audio, AND Video, AND Streaming with Riverside

Great Audio, AND Video, AND Streaming with Riverside
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Riverside.fm claims to be "The easiest way to record podcasts and video
interviews in studio quality from anywhere. All from your browser." Guests and producers join with one click. All from your Chrome browser on laptop or desktop. They also have an iOs app. They do have some interesting features.

You can have up to 8 people on a session. It records the audio and video separately (in WAV for the audio and in 4K for the video) and uploads the recordings while you are recording (so you do fill up someone's hard drive).

It also has tools to share previously uploaded video and audio, you can use their magic editing tool that according to their website, "Compose your video in 4 easy steps: Add your media, set your audio and video settings, customize your video, and export. It’s that easy!"

They also have an AI tool that will switch the audio in the video to anyone who is talking (similar to the old days of Google Hangouts RIP).

I'm going to give this a shot on my Ask the Podcast Coach show. If this works well, I may cancel my streamyardsubscription. Streamyard IS BETTER for streaming, but I have situations with shows like the Podcast Review Show where Separate audio and video would give me more flexibility.

Their pricing starts at $9/month. The plan I will be using is $19/month.

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School of Podcasting
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