Dec. 15, 2021

Note Tracks - Great tool For Editors, Collaborators, Feedback and More

Note Tracks - Great tool For Editors, Collaborators, Feedback and More
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If you work on your podcast with more than well yourself, they're going to be times when you want to comment on how the show was going, what needs to be edited.
Whether this be with your co-host, or an editor, or both. The problem is there may be different time zones, and all sorts of different things that make it hard. Today, I've got a tool to make it super easy.

Communication Tool
When you are trying to communicate about an episode, specifically, in this case, you either are using a Google Doc, and you're like, hey, at the two-minute mark, somebody said this, or you're doing it in Slack, or whatever sort of Team tool that you have.
I Use NOtetracks

I use Notetracksat the School of podcasting, where my students can say, hey, I would like feedback on an episode. They uploaded there where basically they send me the link, I have them fill out a form. I upload it. And then I can go in. And let's say at the two-and-a-half minute mark, they asked a really good question, I can click there and say leave a comment. This was a really good question that led to a great story.

People Can See Where the Feedback is Tied To
While the students can log in to NoteTracks, I can also export all of my notes with times stamps and they can listen to their episode anywhere and see the time stamps associated with an episode.

Free Trial

Notetracksdoes have a free trial. And basically what happens is, when you sign up, and their plans start at $9 a month, I'm on the $29 a month because it limits how many projects and a project would be a file. So you might be able to get by with the basic plan and $9 a month just swap out the files. That would be one way of doing it. But they do give you a seven-day free trial. And basically, when you sign up, you get immediate access to all of their tools, so you can really kick the tires on it.

And if you like Notetracks, you can then pick a plan. I'll have links again out in the show notes podcasting. 39 I know I love it. It's a great tool, especially if you're a coach. That's another kind of application that I use it for. And of course, this is just one of the resources that you can find at our mother site, which is

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