Jan. 27, 2021

Podgo Monetizing Smaller Podcast Audiences

Podgo Monetizing Smaller Podcast Audiences
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PODGO helps brands and marketers connect with podcasts that have a highly engaged, highly targeted audience.

From their Linkedin page:

So you bought a microphone, paid for a hosting service, and found the best editing software…now what?

PODGO is a platform made for small podcasts that average under 5,000 listeners per episode. We connect you with advertisers looking to tap into micro markets with dedicated listening. The way PODGO works is we review each applicant and accept those that meet our criteria to become a member. Member podcasts have access to available ad portals on the website where they can choose what ads to include in their episodes. Unlike other services, Podcasters on PODGO get paid a flat rate per ad and not on a per-listen scale. This allows podcasts with smaller audiences to know exactly how much they will be paid for every ad included in an episode. Members are never obligated to include an ad so you get to choose what products your podcast is promoting and associated with. It doesn’t matter what your audience size is, we review your application to see if there is a fit. Once approved, we onboard you to the PODGO platform by letting you know how much ad space on your podcast is worth and immediately provide you with an advertising opportunity. This is a free platform for podcasters and initially, you will be limited to one ad per week. We have created a safe and easy platform for you to monetize your podcast and begin to profit from your hard work. Apply today to get started!

According to their FAQ, “Our rates range from $10 to $15 CPM. With PODGO you are always guaranteed to have an ad available to you at the time of recording.”

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