June 16, 2021

Supercast VS Patreon Vs Apple Podcasts

Supercast VS Patreon Vs Apple Podcasts

Today we look at premium/bonus content which is a way for podcasters to monetize their podcast. I talk about this in the book Profit from Your Podcast.

Realistic Expectations
Keep in mind that 3-5% of your audience will join a premium program.

Apple will take 30%
Patreon takes 5-12% of your monthly revenue PLUS processing fees PLUS payout fees PLUS conversion fees (according to the Supercast website)
Supercast takes .59 per active user per month.

Clicks and Joining
With Patreon , it takes 10 clicks to sign up. You need to create a Patreon account. While you can turn on a private RSS feed for listeners/members they then have to MANUALLY subscribe to it in whatever app you use to listen to podcast. The alternative is people click to listen on the Patreon website, or in the Patreon app.
Apple makes it easy as long as you want to use Apple podcasts (which 75-80% of the people in Europe on an Android phone won't be able to).

With Supercast your listener clicks on a link and Supercast looks at their phone and suggests apps that are already on their phone (so no need to use a separate program).

Apple allows you to make channels, and Supercast allows you to make bundles.

Supercast allows you to see how many downloads you get per episode, and who is an active listener and who is not. Patreon does not provide any stats on listener activity.

Customer Data
While Patreon and Supercast enable you to see and export customer data, Apple gives you zero access to YOUR CUSTOMER's data.

Supercast and Patreon can be linked using Podpage (see the episode about podpage). Both Supercast and Patreon integrate with Zapier. 

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