May 26, 2021

Teepublic Swag For Your Commmunity

Teepublic Swag For Your Commmunity
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I have a teepublic site at www.podcastclothes.comwhere I have shirts for my show, but also shirts I think the podcast community would enjoy. (Note to self pick a domain that is easy to pronounce).

I've heard of podcasters who have their audience design the shirt, then they vote on it, and the top shirt then become a "one time only" run (to put a little fear of missing out into the marketing mix) and the whole communities buys the shirt (and the artist gets a piece of the action).

I bought a tapestry that came out really well and then used it for my video background (it's light material, looks great, and wasn't hard to hang as it was light).

Check it out at

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