April 8, 2021

Telbee - Easy, Better, Audience Feedback

Telbee - Easy, Better, Audience Feedback

Telbee lets you communicate with your customers by sending and receiving voice messages online so you can engage them quickly and easily in the most natural way possible... voice!

Create and customize online voice recorders for your website, podcast, emails, social channels, or to access via QR codes. Let your visitors ask questions and share ideas quickly and naturally by simply talking, whenever is convenient for them - and for you!

Talking is faster than typing, and more natural too. In your inbox, you can choose to listen to your customers’ voice messages or read them transcribed. Assign voice messages to the right team member, ‘star’ your favorites, and respond in your own voice so customers can really hear you care.

Supercharge growth by making your shows interactive, personal, and hyper-relevant!
Record questions, stories, suggestions, and whole interviews to use on air from your audience as well as your guests - 24/7, via any platform. WOW them when you reply to turn listeners into fans into advocates!

There is a free plan, and if you want more features it starts at $13.50/month

Audio Editing Service
Get your time back! Affordable audio editing by professional editors. We have packages starting as low as $195/month. Now you can spend time promoting your show instead of editing it. Spend more time with your family, and you let Affordable Audio Editing edit your show.
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