Aug. 5, 2021

The Easiest Way To Hear What Your Audience Thinks About Your Show - Voiceform

The Easiest Way To Hear What Your Audience Thinks About Your Show - Voiceform
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Voiceformis on App Summo for a one-time lifetime fee of $69. This is an amazing tool that makes it super to make a traditional survey, but wait, now you can add your voice to the survey. Then your audience can reply with their voice. 

You can use this to get feedback on your show, but you could also get feedback on each episode. All the answers are organized together. You can even download all of the audio feed with one click. 

Here is what one reviewer said on the App Summo Site:

1) Surveys with my target audience and ask them to talk about their problems/pains. Compared to a text question, the advantage is that you will get natural language. They will automatically use other words as they would write their answers down. These words are valuable marketing information because they are also the words they will use to search on Google or YouTube.

2) Use a Voiceform to let a possible coachee or mentee 'apply' to be my customer before you waste your time on a potential customer outside your target audience or expertise. So it acts as an extra filter between you and your first complimentary video call with that prospect.

3) By embedding a Voiceform in an online course, you now can let students give oral answers where they can elaborate and explain their view on a topic.

4) If you have the time to listen to and grade all the answers, you could even use a Voiceform to take an oral exam on autopilot. FYI: the responses are recorded and can be downloaded, so if there's ever a complaint about the grade you gave, you have the original answer in possession.

5) In an interactive learning video, at the end of a quiz or after walking through an interactive scenario, you can give the learner the possibility to quickly tell what they think of the lesson/course/quiz/exercise.

6) Send an email (or Whatsapp or any other communication tool) before a course or program starts, with a link to a few questions about what they want to learn, what their experience is on the topic, etc. With the recordings, you can make a compilation and play that in the first session or put it in the online course environment.

Thanks to David Hooper for pointing out this comment

Here is a quick Product Demo

Check out this quick video of me playing around with it. 

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